Assignment #5: Creative Something Review

Hello again, welcome to my Creativity and Innovation Assignment blog and this week I will review a site called


This is a site where you can learn a lot of creative thinking. The author of this blog said Creativity is our innate ability to solve problems, dream up new inventions, have big and small ideas, and change our world. Yet, despite its impact on the world, creativity is still a very ambiguous and often confusing topic for many of us. Even psychologists and scientists can’t fully explain the process of creativity, or where and how thoughts or new ideas are formed. So, we can find a lot of interpretation of creative in this world and the author is kindly bundled it into one blog for us so we can understand the meaning of creativity more. And there is one post that really interest me which is The Best Place To FInd Creative Ideas


It is said that many of us are taught to ignore impossible ideas. We’re led to believe that impossible is a set notion, one that cannot be overcome. So we stick to ideas that are simple and proven, that we know  will work.

It’s between those two places that the most remarkable, creative ideas are found. Like flying in an airplane, or using a phone that can connect to the Internet wirelessly, or being able to change the course of history with just a few words.


The best place to find creative ideas is between everything you know, and the impossible.

So, try mix your wildest dream with the objects that you met everyday. Maybe, there are some creativity that’s born from it and leads to a breakthrough innovation! Who knew?




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