Creative Generalist is an outpost for curious divergent thinkers who appreciate new ideas from a wide mix of sources. That is the founder of Creative Generalist described about this blog. This blog is mainly a community of people with different perspective and ideas to gives inspiration to others so they can think broader and they are mostly talk about ideation and ideactivity.


Netizen who visit this blog can always find news, opinions and inspiration from other people that submit their ideas here. They can also discuss, observing an interview and communicate with other creative generalists user. For the appearance of the blog, it is quite simple, with a serif fonts that looked professional plus a broken white color background and column to make it seems simple.


From the first page we can see 5 bars that we can choose which is Home, Overview, Inspiration, Blog and People. At the overview section, we can see the main intention of the blog’s creator and how he sees the world of innovation and creativity. At the Inspiration and Blog, we can see the latest news about the world and also can get lot of links to recommended blogs. In People, we can meet and have a discussion with others that uses creative generalist blog also and share our crazy ideas or hotbreaking news about the world. It is indeed an informative and inspiring blog but it can be better if the design of the web be more urban or younger ish. The website updated monthly and it is still active until today so go get a peek!




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