Assignment #2: Business News Daily Review

According to the business news daily article about what is the new business trends in 2012, there are about 30 Big Ideas, Trend and Prediction for this year made by small business owners nationwide. There are many different opinion from a lot of small-business source such as, microsoft’s tellme, etc. and they all said that the technology and social media will be growing a lot in this year. In every era, the people shopping behavior will change and we as the seller need to be very cautious to this changes. The developed marketing or advertising campaign need to be fully developed and based on the forecast, we need to give more attention to the online marketing. We can use social media, blogs or whatever online links that free to use. The information exchange in internet is very fast and it will not take a sweat to build your small-business brand awareness worldwide.

As eWay Direct said, the focus of marketers is going to be on understanding chatter and understanding how chatter can be used to improve customer relationships and drive sales. This shows the marketing forecast also can be discovered in the internet and from the topic they are talking about. It can also leads to the online shopping behavior because nowadays people can easily make a transaction using virtual money and the items can be delivered right to your door. It is also connected to said which is no boundaries. And it reminds me of an innovation in 2012 that really interesting and unique made by Korean Tesco. I’ve learn it from the Advertising class in last semester and it’s very innovative. Korean people are very busy and sometimes don’t have spare time to shop for monthly needs. And everyday they always use subway so Tesco make an innovation by placing the store products in subway wall. For anyone who wants to buy it, they just need to scan the barcode which placed there and input their address and credit card number. Then, the product they order will be delivered right in front of their door in the same day. Amazing, huh?




As we can see, business news daily forecast has correctly predict the business trends in 2012, then how about 2013? Will there be a new breakthrough innovation? We just need to keep our eyes open and always stick to the trends.



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