Assignment #1: Tinsiders Blog Review


preview of the home page

The first impression when I opened this website is ‘this is another common website that collects cool, unique design stuff images that we don’t usually see in our daily life’. But then after I observe more deep into the site, my suggestion is correct. There’s nothing more than videos and photos of innovation or so called ‘cool stuff’ images that we can find in dozens of other website. For this kind of website, there are others that I can recommend you such as (here you can find images and videos based on your interest and community) or (more updated, more innovation and each picture has the original link to their website) and lot more! And I have seen lot of pictures here is posted in other blogs.

The one thing I appreciate about this website is the many choices of displaying the images. From Classic, Flipboard, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot and Timeslide make the readers free to choose which style do they feel comfortable most. For me, I prefer the Classic looks because I like to scroll down the pages when looking at website rather than clicking the arrow panel. Someone has told me that this is the default theme that being served by the but I still apreciate the owner of this blog to collect many images and bundled them together and spoiled the readers by giving them lot of options style to read.

But, this website can still help you find inspiration to make innovation or expanding creativity. But it is also a good thing if you search the internet more to find other inspiration sources, ask your friends and surf more!




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